Words I NEED To Share

God wakes me up in the middle of the night sometimes.  I guess that is sometimes the only time I will listen, and he woke me up in the middle of the night a few weeks ago and I wrote this on my iPhone at 1:57am.  I will let you decide what it means.

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This isn’t a book that I thought I would write.  No, instead this is the book I am supposed to write.  I didn’t go in search of a book topic.  I may be one of the most reluctant authors of all time.  I wasn’t one of those aspiring authors just waiting for my chance to shine or get my big break.  I didn’t even enjoy reading books or writing in high school. In fact, I still remember a well meaning high school AP English Teacher named Mr. Stachura pushing me to write something of substance.  To push myself to tell a story that meant something to someone.  He was all but telling me I shouldn’t have been in that class.  He was right.  I shouldn’t have been in that class.  I didn’t have any interest in making an impact through writing.  I guess that is why I chose to be a Spanish major in college.  Perhaps I could do better in another language.

No fuiste buscando a este libro.  I didn’t go searching for this book.  This book found me, and for that I am eternally grateful.  When you learn of the circumstances that preceded the writing of this book, you may find it surprising that I choose the word grateful.  Sometimes I still find it surprising too.

The words that became this book started as therapy for me.  They became therapy to heal some wounds, to make sense of my ever changing and somewhat broken reality, and perhaps to even write a new story for my life.  The circumstances surrounding that word therapy I will share with you in the first chapter.  They are an integral part of the story, and the words on this page today wouldn’t be here without those humble beginnings on my personal blog called Dandy Walker Ranger.

You may have picked up this book because you wanted to know what a blessing choice is, or you may have picked it up because you are desperately in search for more purpose in life by finding your vocational calling.  Those are good places to be as you start reading the book.  Give me some time for the answers to those questions to be revealed.  Frankly, because I still don’t have all the answers.  I might just be one step ahead of you on the path, and I am just a guide.  Remember that this is an unexpected path and I didn’t go in search of this material.  It found me.

I don’t have some carefully crafted plan for you to follow.  As Jeff Goins says in his book the Art of Work “a calling is not some carefully crafted plan.  It’s what’s left when the plan goes horribly wrong.”  This book is about what happens when the plan for your life goes terribly wrong, and you are left to make sense of it all.  To find meaning in your brokenness and pain, and what it means to be a human being.  To find your existence by pressing into the pain, to find a clarity of purpose for your life that gives it much greater meaning than you had before.

Let me be very clear on this point.  I don’t have a plan for you.  I have a path that God showed me, and continually gives me the strength and wisdom to follow.  It is also the path that started a business, and that I lead others down on a regular basis.  It is the unexpected path to finding your vocational calling, and to dedicate your life to what you were put on this earth to do.  It is the same path that I walked down, and when I got to the end I discovered something really special.  I discovered that my vocational calling was to help others find theirs.

If you would like to PRE-ORDER a copy of the book for just $12, and receive free bonuses then CLICK HERE to order now.

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