The Future Has No Employees

Are You Prepared To Be an Independent Contractor?

If you read some of the reports coming from the Department of Labor these days, you will see that there is a growing concern in the labor market over employees vs. independent contractors.  The success of companies like Uber, and the fact that they classify their workers as independent contractors has been the subject of much scrutiny.  The case is being brought before the court system to see the legality of this.  Whether or not the courts deem them to be employees, this is a growing trend in the economy and it has historical precedence.  Before the industrial age, workers were for the most part independent contractors who owned shops and sold good to each other.  As the industrial age came, the work force began to consolidate and it became popular to pay salaries and later benefits to employees.  However, I believe we are seeing a trend back to the independent contractor type of system.

With the cost of hiring traditional employees rising at astronomical rates, it will be more and more difficult to keep full-time employees for companies.  In addition, the technology age has also brought with it lots of great advancements and companies are beginning to take more advantage of having less overhead tied up in facilities and more workers are being allowed to work with more flexibility.   Statistics show from the Department of Labor that these trends are likely to continue.  I believe we will see a decrease in the amount of employees and an influx of the amount of independent contractor in our economy.

If this trend continues, then you may be displaced as an employee and hired instead by your company to do certain projects for pay as an independent contractor.  You will also be forced to outsource your skills to other companies to be paid for projects.  A large percentage of our work force of employees will be forced to become more entrepreneurial in nature, and will be forced to take more control back of their income and benefits.  If this does indeed happen, I have major concerns about our work forces’ ability to react to these significant changes.  Those who are able to react quickly in accordance with the change will most likely do better than they did before as a traditional employee, but those who struggle may find themselves ill prepared for the ups and down of being an independent contractor.  The mindset required to be a successful entrepreneur is much different than that of a successful employee.

I encourage all of you to not wait before this change becomes imminent, and to start to prepare yourself for this mindset shift NOW.  Start seeing yourself as a personal brand.  Starting now, you are the CEO of your own company and you own your future, so start acting like it.  Take more ownership of your work and begin employing this new mindset now, so you can be one of the ones to take advantage of the economy shift and not be left with the pain and doubt of uncertainty when you become an independent contractor.  If you want to learn more about these mindset shifts I highly encourage you to enter my free 20 day email course while it is still up on my site.  CLICK HERE to enter the course, and be prepared for this changing reality in the work force.

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