Look to make investments in yourself, rather than expenses.

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If you are an adult then you need things that cost you money to survive.  It is inevitable.  However, hopefully you have been able to reach a status that also allows you to spend some money on non-essential items as well.  You are able to spend money on things like a mortgage, vacations, and some hobbies.  These are all blessings and good things to spend your money on.  However, you might need to re-evaluate your priorities when it comes to your ancillary spending.  Are you spending on things that are simply expenses or are you making investments?  When I say investments, I am not just talking about investing in your 401k or mutual funds but I am talking about investments worth far more.  I am talking about investments in yourself.

If you have reached a level where you can afford to spend some discretionary money, then take some money that you have been spending on expenses and make an investment.  Sign up for a workshop to help you in your professional or personal life.  Buy books or audio books to read or listen to.  Make an investment in an online course or coaching sessions to help you reach a higher level.  These things all cost money but they are all investments rather than expenses.  If you don’t have extra money then consider making an investment of time by volunteering.

For those who don’t know me well I am an avid football fan.  I also really enjoy playing fantasy football, and I have had a number of friends try to convince me to play on the daily fantasy sites that are all the rage right now like Draft Kings or Fan Duel.  I keep telling them that I don’t have a desire in playing on these sites because they are an expense rather than an investment.  I know that you can make money on these sites, but the time it would take to play on these sites is also an expense I am not willing to make.  Time is also an even more valuable commodity than money and you should treat it that way.  So rather than spending money on the fantasy football sites, I intentionally chose to sign up for Michael Hyatt’s Platform University to help me grow my leadership and impact.  I am not telling you this to boast but rather to show a practical example of an intentional choice you can make to choose investments.

I urge you to take a strong look at where you are spending your time and money, and look for ways that you can start making investments rather than expenses.  If you want to grow more, achieve more, and be more than do what successful people do.  They spend their time and money making investments rather than on expenses.

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