It’s Not Always About More Hustle

You will hear from many that hustle is the way to achieve your dreams.

Start your dream and just keep hustling until it happens.  I believe this is the path to abject failure.  You can only hustle for so long before you become burnout, tired, overworked, and disillusioned.  I don’t believe you should hustle.  I believe you should be committed, and your commitment should be to a purposeful life.  Granted, it may take you longer to reach certain goals, but you will be more fulfilled in the process and you won’t be doing it at the expense of other key areas in your life.  Instead of looking for one job as the key, begin looking at the jobs you have held as a set of experiences.  Look at your vocational calling not as a fixed destination but another piece of work in your portfolio that builds your life into a work of art.

Your vocational calling may also be more of a portfolio of work.  For instance, in my coaching business I have multiple things I do to create income.  I do coaching, speaking, and writing.  Independently I wouldn’t be able to build a sustainable business currently in any of those areas.  However, together they build a great business.  It also keeps my interest because my business is multi-faceted and I am not doing the same thing every day.  Similarly, you may begin to see that your vocational calling requires you to build and be good in a few areas to be sustainable.  This is actually a great way to build a business in a portfolio of work.  However, I have a word of caution for you.  Make sure you continue to employ the principles of a narrow and focused mindset.  The key is not to pursue anything and everything but rather a few key areas that are in your area of highest contribution.  If you are pursuing your calling as a side business currently, then it doesn’t mean you have to shut off all other job opportunities that come your way.  Even if you feel a new opportunity isn’t your calling, evaluate it independently and see for yourself if it meets the criteria of providing you more experience to build a portfolio of work.  Be working on yourself more than the job.  One of my favorite quotes from Jim Rohn is “if you work on your job you can make a living.  If you work on yourself you can make a fortune.”  Build the life you want to live.  Build a portfolio life.  Build your fortune.

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