Stop Following Your Passion…Have Your Passion Follow You

I believe that our culture has sold us a bill of goods on landing our dream job.  Our culture has told us that if we simply do well in school and graduate, then we will be able to find our dream jobs.  We have a generation of children who were raised to receive participation medals and to believe that participation was enough.  You didn’t have to win; you didn’t have to succeed or get ahead; you didn’t have to compete.  This is a dangerous line of thinking.  Many of us bought into this lie that if we just participated and went to school that we would find a good job and be able to climb the ladder of success.  We bought into this by often investing thousands of dollars in school education, and many went into a mountain of debt to get it.  The problem is that all of these things are outside factors and none of them require you to change on the inside.  Yes, I will concede that going to school is noble and you learn how to learn, but did you graduate knowing how to think?  Did school prepare you for the reality of the job market?  Were you prepared for the mindset that you would have to exhibit and the perseverance you would need to land your dream job?  If it did, then consider yourself one of the lucky ones, because I see so many out there lost and confused and still looking for their calling.  Remember that before things can change for you, they first must change in you.

It is time for you to start working on yourself.  Don’t expect things to change on the outside any longer.  Change on the inside and you will start to see the change you seek take hold.  Make the choice to stop the victimhood mindset.  If you want more faith, more hope, more money, better health or anything else that is a burning desire, then you must begin making a set of intentional choices to get what you want.  God blesses our efforts and not our inaction.  God blesses our work and not our wishes.  God blesses us when we make the choice to live blessed.

You will hear most people regurgitate the misguided life and career advice that you should follow your passions. I believe instead you should choose what your burning desire is, and have your passions follow you!

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