What Personality Assessments Should I Take?

Throughout my coaching, I have a certain set of tools I use in the introspection phase to help my clients better understand who they are.  These tools are all assessments that I give to begin to give them a new awareness.  Often times, these are things they already intuitively know but don’t express on a regular basis.  None of these assessments are meant to label you, but rather to give you a new language to describe your skills and attributes.  The point of these assessments is to see what your natural tendencies are.  The reason introspection is so important because your activity will follow your identity.  Your activity, and more importantly the right activity, will not be pursued until you are clear on your identity.  The following list are some assessments that I have found really helpful for my clients.

DISC Profile

The DISC Profile uses the four letters of D-I-S-C to describe someone’s personality.  Each letter attributes certain adjectives to a person that is high in that particular area.

D Personality – decisive and a doer

I Personality – interested in people

S Personality – more stable and supportive personality

C Personality – conscious about the details

You have a blend of all these personalities in you, and having awareness about the categories you fit into and the ones others around fit into can help you build better relationships and influence more people.

Clifton StrengthsFinder

The StrengthsFinder Assessment is helpful in determining your specific strengths and then learn how to tailor your job to fit more of them.  It also debunks some rampant myths in our culture about what strengths are.  Only you can know your strengths because your strengths are things you look forward to doing or when you have completed them it leaves you feeling energized.  Your performance is the area where others tell you that you have done well, but as many of us have found, we all have areas where we perform well but we don’t particularly enjoy doing.  This assessment can unlock some new possibilities about where your strengths lie and give you some practical steps on how to push your current job more toward them.

Fascination Advantage

Most personality assessments focus on how you see the world but the Fascination Advantage actually focuses on how the world sees you.  It uses the science of fascination to help you learn what parts of your personality are fascinating to others and helps you utilize this to your advantage when you are connecting, networking or marketing.

The purpose of these assessments is to take reflection time to verify your results.  These assessments help you gain clarity on what motivates you, what work environments you work best in, and what your unique personality is and how you can relate better to others in their unique personality style.  The terms used to describe you are also helpful terms to use in the job interview process.  This critical time of understanding how we were uniquely made is often times so overlooked, but it is precisely the first step you should be taking towards your vocational calling.

You can learn more about these assessments in the new e-book I have coming out in the near future. Be on the lookout for more information soon.