My New E-Book Is Out!

Book Cover

I am a published author! My new e-book entitled “Disciplined Pursuit of Your Vocational Calling” is out! CLICK HERE to download your FREE copy today.

I have a confession to make. I didn’t set out to write an e-book. I got here by accident, which I know sounds hypocritical from the coach who teaches others to live intentionally. I got here by accident, because all of the content I wrote for this e-book was originally written for “The Blessing Choice” book I have been working on. However, after giving it to a few people to read, the feedback that came back was that they felt I merged two books into one. The first part of the book was about my story with Mikayla, and then the second part of the book was about pursuing your calling. They didn’t seem to fit together. After re-reading it many times, and letting go of my ego, I agreed with them. So I made the decision to release the second part of the book about dedicating yourself to your calling as a stand alone e-book. This is the e-book I am releasing today.

How often is this true in life? How often is it true, that we end up where we are in life by setting out for a different destination. This is okay, as long as we chose a definite destination of where we wanted to head! It is actually necessary for our growth. I may have ended up here by accident, but the way that I got here was no accident. It is exactly where I am supposed to be, even though I set out for a different destination. It came to be because I took action. I took continuous and imperfect action, and I gained momentum. If you want to reach a new destination for your life, then it starts by having a bias towards action. As John Maxwell says, “the steering wheel in your car only works if you are moving!” You have to be moving in order to pivot. So start moving. Start taking action. Start creating. Start now!

A great first step is downloading my new e-book by CLICKING HERE. Start reading and making your way through the action steps. I laid them out very clearly to make it as simple as possible for you. This is not your standard e-book. It runs 49 pages! I hope you find great value in it, and that you will consider sharing it with others.

A big thank you to Amanda Dyer of Landslide Creative for all her help in making the e-book a reality! Also, if you are wondering, I am continuing to work on “The Blessing Choice” as a full-length book. I have a new working title now of “The Blessing Choice: Change The Way You Make Choices, and The Choices You Make Change.” I will continue to share excerpts with you on the blog, as I have them available.