Map Your Critical Juncture Points

We all have moments in this life that are significant. It might be a birth of a child, passing of a loved one, graduating from school, or a variety of other things. Many of these moments will also bring along with them significant challenges. You may be left questioning why or why me? I call these important moments critical juncture points. They are critical junctures, because they force you to take stock of your life. They force you to look for the deeper meaning. They also force you to determine how you will respond. You don’t always have a choice in the things that happen to you, but you can control your response to it. These critical juncture points are very important to knowing what you were meant and created to do. These points have a way of molding us into the people we are to become.

My most significant critical juncture point that helped me discover my vocational calling was the birth of my daughter Mikayla, who was born with significant special needs. Take some time to map out the critical juncture points of your life. Write them down in a list and write down what you learned from them, how you overcame them, and what this taught you about life. Mapping these points can help you start to see what you were meant to do take shape. The same principles that you learned in the past, create a learning model that continue to apply to your life today. You can take what you learned from your past successes, no matter how small, and apply them to create success in your current situation. You can also look at some failures you had, and take those principles you learned from those and apply them as well. Success leaves clues. Failure leaves tracks. This is why it is often easier to see our failures than our successes, but the most important thing to take from this exercise is the principles that come into your awareness. Experience doesn’t actually teach us anything. Evaluated experience is the real teacher. So evaluate your experiences by mapping your critical juncture points. Do it this week. Set aside 30-45 minutes and draw a large timeline of your life. Map our these critical juncture point throughout your life (including childhood) and what you learned.

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