Service Over Sales

I had lunch with a friend who has been following my coaching journey this week. He asked me how I went from having no clients 6 months ago to a full book of clients now?

I told him that it came from a simple mindset shift of focusing on service over sales. Sales used to be pretty intimidating to me, especially quoting prices for individual coaching. What I realized is that when I was focused on how I felt, I wasn’t best serving the person in front of me. I was letting my thoughts, feelings, and insecurities get in the way of serving them. The shift came for me when I shifted my focus on the purely serving them without expecting anything in return. Now, when I am meeting with someone for a free inquiry I focus on really listening to them like no one else in their life will. I focus on having them walk out of the session better than they walked in by shifting awareness and talking about their vision for their life. Also, when I quote a price now I simply stop talking. I don’t get in the way or immediately offer some type of justification for my price.

If you read this and think that it is great but you are not interested in selling, I would ask you to think again. We are always selling something. It might be a point of view, your favorite restaurant or even what you would like to eat for dinner. Try focusing on serving others and getting out of the way if you want to have better results selling in your business, or selling in the business of life.

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