How To Get Unstuck

The #1 thing I hear week in and week out in my coaching business is that my clients feel stuck. 

They feel stuck in some area of their life that is holding them back, and they just don’t know how to get unstuck. When they are stuck, the questions I often hear them ask are WHY questions. Questions like, “Why can’t I seem to do this?” or “Why am I not able to get motivated?” Why questions tend to be judgemental, and we often experience self-judgment when we ask these why questions. In my professional coaching training through the International Coach Federation, we are actually trained to not ask why questions so our clients don’t feel that we are making judgments.

The best thing I have found when my clients are stuck is to get them to ask a different question. Instead of questions I try to get them to ask a WHAT question or a HOW question. My personal favorite is “What is one thing I could do that would move me closer to my goal?” This question often changes perspectives and if you will act on that one thing that comes to mind you can get unstuck and back moving again. So, if you are stuck in any area of your life right now I encourage you to ask yourself a different question. Try it out and let me know how it goes

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