The Myth of the Overnight Success

I would like to bust the myth of the overnight success!

Many of my clients struggle with a feeling of inferiority because their business or idea isn’t growing as fast as they think it should. They see many examples of marketing that shows people who built their $100,000 business in a few months, or that they build a multi-million dollar business from one idea that changed everything. Sure, there are some outliers out there who built massive companies in a relatively short amount of time. However, please remember that even companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook didn’t happen overnight.

Let me share with you a couple examples of marketing advertisements I have seen that I know personally that will show you what I mean.

I know a blogger who runs a very popular ad campaign where he offers to show you how he built a $100,000 blog in 18 months. This is very enticing and it is a very popular ad. However, I know this person and his story. It is true that he did build a $100,000 blog in 18 months, however, what he neglects to mention is that he built 7 blogs in 8 years that all failed before launching his latest one that took off. The headline should really read that he built a $100,000 blog in almost 10 years, but that doesn’t sound as sexy to the consumer. However, that is the real truth. He learned from all those previous failed attempts until he found the right formula that works.

Another example I know is a coach who built a $100,000 coaching business in 22 months. When you actually talk to her though, she coached people for 5 years for FREE before she ever launched her coaching business and started charging for her services. Again, the real story is that she built a $100,000 coaching business in about 7 years.

I hope these examples illustrate that the overnight success is a dangerous myth out there. It leads us to feel unworthy or that something is wrong when perhaps we are exactly where we need in the process of learning and growing our business.

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