Ideas Don’t Fail People

Ideas Don’t Fail People…People Fail Their Ideas

I had a question come over my sabbatical from one of you that asked: Since lots of ideas fail, how can an entrepreneur develop the focus you talk about of being an “essentialist?” Shouldn’t we instead spread our focus to many of our ideas and see which one sticks?

Great question. I can’t speak for everyone, but I can only speak for me and what I have seen with my clients when they are starting their business. I have seen that ideas don’t fail people, but rather it is people who fail their ideas. They fail their ideas by not acting on them or by not developing a clear path, plan, and structure so their idea can succeed. I have seen that spreading your focus to many ideas is the best way to make sure you don’t make traction in any of them. Spreading your focus means you don’t make any significant progress on any of your ideas.

I don’t think ideas are the problem. I mean someone sold a pet rock and I even heard of these newer ideas that are working like the Potato Parcel and even Unicorn Farts. Really? Unicorn Farts???

I recently attended the Ramsey EntreLeadership Summit and John Maxwell was using an analogy that applies to this situation. He asked the audience that if we wanted to chop down a tree and we could only swing the ax 25 times, where would we focus our energy? You would take 25 swings at ONE TREE to chop it down of course. However, what holds most people back is that they will take 5 swings at 5 different trees with their 25 swings and guess what? They didn’t chop down any trees. They didn’t even make any significant progress at chopping any of them down.

This seems to be a perfect analogy for why I promote having a clear focus and being an “essentialist” as an entrepreneur. I want you the CHOP DOWN SOME TREES! It is so much more productive and you will make more rewarding progress in your business. Spreading your focus is like taking 5 swings at 5 different trees.

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