The Messy Middle

I lost a client to the “messy middle” this week.

I had a client who e-mailed me this week and decided to discontinue their coaching sessions before they realized the goal they set when they began the coaching process. They fell victim to what I have come to refer as the “messy middle.”

The messy middle is a term I use to describe the middle process of coaching. When my client begins with me they are in a honeymoon phase and excited to start the process of life change. However, after the initial excitement has worn off they enter into a period of disillusionment. This is where the change becomes a little more difficult to maintain and some lose sight of the initial vision that brought them to coaching.

Sometimes, people lose hope and decide that the change is too difficult and they sink back into old habits in their comfort zone. This is always disappointing for me to see and I wish they would stick with it to realize the full benefit of coaching and realizing their goals.

If you are in a period where you are in the process of change and you are becoming disillusioned I want to encourage you today to stick with it! This phase will pass. Don’t give up. You aren’t alone in feeling this week and it is one of the stages of change. The clients I have that stick with the process through the messy middle come out so thankful on the other end.

I am also excited to announce that I am working on the details to launch a group coaching mastermind in the coming weeks to help those of you who might be experiencing the messy middle. Keep on the lookout for details soon. The group will be to help support those of you who are looking to launch a business or side hustle or have already launched and would like support in not giving up in the messy middle stage.

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