Success Is Sequential

“Success is sequential and not simultaneous.” Mike Kim

I was listening to a podcast from Mike Kim this week and when I heard the following statement I stopped the podcast and rewound it what must have been 20 times to listen to this simple statement he made. It was one of those moments when you hear someone express a thought you have had many times but in a much better way than you have ever expressed.

It is easy to see many examples out there of people who seemed to have this massive success seemingly overnight. I am constantly bombarded with social media advertisements of companies showing me how I can live a better life simultaneously if I simply purchase their course or program. It can be really defeating at times.

Success (whatever your definition of it is) is the matter of a sequentially ordered process that takes time, effort, perseverance, and iterations to reach. It is not the result of one prodigious moment. Any message out there that is preaching something else you can just ignore, as hard as it is because there are some really slick salespeople out there!

I recently read an article that a studied showed that 90% of people have not significantly altered their lifestyles, even after a coronary bypass surgery. That is really amazing if you think about it. 90% of people faced with the decision to change your lifestyle or die, do not significantly change their lifestyle. A study was launched to support these patients to change in which a psychologist led twice-weekly support sessions to assist them with their goals. The program lasted a year. 77% of the people in the study were able to stick with the lifestyle changes necessary for better health. Wow! What an amazing difference.  CLICK HERE if you are interested to read the article.

This is the reason coaching is so powerful. It provides you the support and accountability to reach your dreams, goals, and desires. This is why I am launching a group coaching mastermind in the coming weeks to help support each other in making these powerful changes to our life. Keep on the lookout for details soon. The group is to help support those of you who are looking to launch a business or side hustle or have already launched and would like support.

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