What Do You Want To Get Out of This?

I lead a leadership workshop at the Nashville Juvenile Detention Center with the local non-profit Be About Change organization this past week.

This was definitely the most challenging workshop that I have ever led! It was also the first time I have led a workshop where nobody actually wanted to be there. One of the questions I asked each of them to answer to start off was what do you want to get out of the workshop? One of the teen’s response was equally unhelpful and hilarious at the same time. He said: “Hi, my name is Jamal (not his real name), and what I want to get out of this workshop is to GET OUT OF THIS WORKSHOP and go home. I don’t want nothing from you.”

Tough crowd. This was going to be more challenging than I originally thought. The workshop started off pretty rough but I think we made a little headway after 90 minutes with them. The thought came to me later that how often is our response similar to Jamal’s when faced with a change of things outside of our comfort zone? How often would we rather GET OUT in flight mode rather than stay uncomfortable and get something out of the experience in fight mode?

I know I am certainly guilty of this. It took some pretty significant coaxing from my friend to do one of those workshops in the first place, and if he would like me to do another one then it will take that encouragement again to step outside of my comfort zone towards growth. Hey, I figure if I can get comfortable doing workshops where no one wants to be there, then how much easier will it be next time to step into a workshop where people actually come willingly?

What is something you can do to step outside of your comfort zone to begin moving towards something you want to achieve? Hit reply to this e-mail and let me know what you plan to do this week.

Additionally, I am launching a group coaching mastermind in the coming weeks to help support provide support those of you who are or are looking to become solopreneurs or freelancers. Keep on the lookout for details soon! In my entrepreneur group meeting this weekend, marketing was definitely a popular challenge for everyone there. This is definitely something I will be covering.

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