Freedom Is Subjugation

Freedom is not autonomy. Freedom is instead the subjugation to a higher ideal or the disciplining of desire toward¬†achievement. You may be thinking I am crazy, but let me explain. We have been sold a bill of goods that teaches that freedom lies in our ability to choose and this gives us autonomy. This isn’t the case. Free will gives us the ability to make choices, but freedom always requires a sacrifice and comes at a cost. Freedom comes in our obedience and subjugation to a higher ideal.

Freedom in your health isn’t eating whatever you want according to your desires, it is the discipline to make smart choices that keep your body healthy.

Freedom in your finances isn’t spending your money however you want according to your desires, it is the discipline to live according to a budget to create financial freedom.

Freedom in your marriage isn’t doing things only for your benefit, it is the ability to make sacrifices by doing what is best for both of you.

Freedom in parenting isn’t letting your children do whatever they want, it is instilling the discipline in them so they can grow up to be positive and productive members of society.

Freedom in your career isn’t showing up and working whenever you feel like it, it is showing up every day and getting the work done.

My mom sent me a great article this week from the New York Times called: “The Best Path to Long-Term Change is Slow, Simple, and Boring.” CLICK HERE if you are interested in reading it.

If you want to make true, lasting, and powerful change then stop looking for the easy way out. Start by disciplining your desires and subjugating yourself to a higher ideal one step at a time, and then doing this over and over again. This is where the freedom you seek lies. Freedom is subjugation.

What do you think? Where does freedom lie?

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