The Problem with the Internet Marketer & MLM Culture

This is one of those posts that I am nervous to click send on! This one may rattle some cages.

Some of you may be involved in internet marketing and multi-level marketing (MLM). If you are then my guess is you will probably unsubscribe after this week. However, I was reading Seth Godin and was inspired when he said that we have to create our art free from the restrictions of fear that hold us back. People won’t notice another average blog post I write, but they will notice something where I take a stand for something remarkable that I believe in.

Today, I hope to do just that. You see, my belief is that you are remarkable and you have a remarkable gift to share with the world. This is the main reason I love coaching soloprenuers and freelancers because they are creating a personal brand they are passionate about and sharing it with the world. This is a remarkable journey to be on.

You know what I don’t find remarkable though? It is the internet marketer and MLM culture. It seems to me like most internet marketers that fill my social media feeds are selling me on how to create products and sell them online to make 6 figures in my pajamas. They are showing me these large homes and fancy cars, that I can only assume are rented to entice me into buying their program. The problem I see is they are showing me how to do what they have done. What have they really done that is worth emulating? They are paying for Facebook ads and selling us on the power of selling Facebook ads. They are selling us an online program to show us how to make money online by selling an online program. It is great marketing but the whole thing seems so disingenuous. I am sure some of the testimonials of the 1% of people who make 6 figure are true, but it leaves the rest of the 99% with broken dreams and a broken promise of massive returns. Yet, we are the ones keeping them in business.

MLM companies have also become quite the rage as of late. The issue I see with the MLM movement is most of them (not all of them…I am not generalizing here) have lost sight of actually selling the PRODUCT! The ones I see actually making money are the ones who are signing up other people and the commissions they make from other people who are buying into the program to sell the product. Who is actually selling the product? I don’t blame the people selling the MLM product, instead, I blame the culture the MLM companies have created.

I have also noticed a trend that has me quite perturbed. I see people on Facebook who are selling their MLM product in a post and then I see they have a bunch of comments from people below their post. If you actually take the time to click on these people commenting who want to buy the product, you will notice that almost all of them are already distributors of the product. They are using the classic marketing technique of social proof against us. This is bad business. This isn’t the way to create art.

I believe in a different culture than this. I want you to share your art with the world and make a profit with purpose. I want you to share something you are truly passionate about and something that makes you come alive. I want to destroy the internet marketer and MLM culture and replace it with one that empowers people to truly tap into their God-given potential and live out their vocation in a way that is remarkable. I want to see more art.

“Your being increases in the measure that you give it away.” ~ Law of the Gift from Word on Fire

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