My Pro-Life Testimony

This is my daughter Mikayla. She is the face of abortion. She is the face of pro-life. At our 20 week ultrasound, the doctor told us Mikayla would have significant special needs and gave us the option to abort her. We chose life for her because of our belief in and love for life. I have sacrificed for my belief. I have sacrificed in that life with Mikayla hasn’t been easy. Hear me though, I wouldn’t trade the sacrifice.

I had an interaction recently that stirred up some strong emotions in me. I challenged the views of a Christian pro-choice activist in a way I thought was very respectful. In her response back, she accused me of being a defender of a pro-life movement that is patriarchal and white supremacist in nature. She essentially said that I am pro-life from a place of HATE. This hurt.

This hurt because what she failed to understand is that I am pro-life from a place of LOVE. Love for God, love for Mikayla, love for my family, love for people of all races and religions, love for the poor, love for people with disabilities, love for all of humanity AND YES… love for the unborn. This love I hold extends far beyond political party and partisan lines. Why love for the unborn? Because I believe in life at conception. I believe an actual human life is extinguished when an abortion is performed.

You may believe that it is not my place to tell a woman what to do with her body. But is Mikayla any less of a woman? Any less of a person? What about her body? What about her life? What about her rights? If you don’t believe that a fetus is a life, then when do you believe life begins? What constitutes and conveys personhood? What makes us alive? What makes us human?

But Graham, don’t you believe in social justice?

Yes, I do believe in social justice! I donate my time to helping and feeding the homeless in Room in the Inn, doing workshops at the Nashville Juvenile Detention Center, and we tithe 10% of our income to the church and to charity, as some examples. We do this from a place of love. However, my belief in social justice extends to the unborn. I believe the position of social justice is strengthened by protecting the life of the most marginalized of our society. The life of the unborn child.

I also don’t let men off the hook. I do care what we as men do with our bodies. I don’t believe men should participate in extramarital sex, pornography, amongst others. Does this mean I am perfect when it comes to morality? Absolutely not. I am human too. I am not advocating here to enact policies that reflect my version of morality. What I am advocating for is LIFE. Abortion is an issue of life and death. I don’t find it acceptable in any case, outside of legitimate defense, to end the life of another human being. If we are not a nation that is properly ordered to see that there is value in the sanctity of all human life then we will not be a nation of people who will be more hospitable to struggling mothers, the poor, people of color, people with disabilities, or any other disadvantaged people. One does not exist without the other. If the unborn are expendable then so are the born in all their various forms.

If you disagree with me and comment on this post I will try not respond to you with hate or vitriol. I will do my best to show you, love. After all, it is not for me to judge you. It is my place to live my life to the best of my ability in my faith and morals. I hope that you are able to appreciate my stance as I try to appreciate and understand yours. Not so that we agree, but so that we foster a society of love and respect for different perspectives. One that doesn’t assume we hold hate in our hearts simply because we hold a point of view that is different from each other. One that doesn’t try to legislate our differences away. And yes…one that I hope is truly pro-life.

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