Be The Man My Toddlers Think I Am

I want to be the man my toddlers think I am.

I have toddler twins girls named Ainsley & Hailey who are 2 1/2 right now. Despite the fact that they make life hectic and exhausting, it is also incredibly rewarding. Even though they are asserting their independence with the word “no” more and more, I have found that they have this romanticized view of me as their father right now.

They love playing and hanging out with me. Every day when I pick them up from daycare they yell a loud “DADDY” and run to my arms. They want to spend time with me whether that is the playground, playing with dolls, and they even enjoy watching a football game with me. They enjoy my presenceĀ and I possess a superhero status to them. Sometimes that superhero status can come simply from just being tall enough to reach something out of their reach and other times it is holding them after they fall.

It was a reminder for me this week of how often we forget how much how much we mean to other people and what we represent in the world. We lose sight of the value we bring. Life seems to have this way of knocking it out of us at times. However, I have resolved that I want to be the man and superhero my toddlers think I am. I know I will often fall short and I will mess up, but I can’t let this keep me from trying.

What do you want to represent in the world? How will you resolve to make steps towards that representation?

Be blessed and turn your burdens into blessings!

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