The Day My Wife Said ENOUGH

I am not a detail person.

My wife found this out the hard way during the first few months of our marriage. I remember a car ride we had that was a difficult conversation, but it definitely made our marriage better. I had been forgetting appointments, dates and times left and right. My latest gaffe was forgetting an appointment with Comcast, which of course is almost impossible to get rescheduled.

She was super frustrated and I remember her saying that she had had ENOUGH. She was worried that if I couldn’t get my calendar in order that I wouldn’t be able to be an effective father because I would forget important dates or even forget to pick them up at school.

She seemed exasperated as to how to improve the situation and I was frustrated with myself and also with her for accusing me of forgetting my future children at school…in the rain…lonely, wet, and cold! Finally, in a moment of frustrated clarity, I told her sarcastically: “I don’t know Heather, maybe we should just get a giant whiteboard calendar and write down everything we have for that week.”

Once it came out of my mouth silence fell in the car. My sarcastic comment was actually a genius idea for us (you have to remember that this was before smartphone calendars and we were still using paper calendars at the time). We went out to the store and purchased a whiteboard calendar and new tradition for born in the Honeycutt family household. The Sunday whiteboard meeting was born. It has become somewhat legendary amongst our friends who think we are ridiculous, but who cares…it works for us.

Each Sunday evening my wife and I sit down and plan out our entire week. We have a color coding system where we write in the events, appointments, meal plan for the week, kid pick-up schedules, and keep a grocery list. Even though now we use a shared smartphone calendar, we still talk out each day of the week, communicate about each item, and write it down. We have even added to this weekly meeting a discussion and review of our budget so we can track how we are doing and make any necessary changes to keep us on track for the month. We also reserve this time for some of our more difficult conversations and use this time to discuss those as well. We now have this meeting down to a science and it doesn’t typically take more than 15-30 minutes, but the amount of time and frustration it saves us during the week is priceless. It helps us multiply the valuable resource of our time.

Perhaps a whiteboard meeting isn’t for you, but what is something you can begin to implement into your life or work that will help you multiply your time? Feel free to hit reply and let me know your ideas.

And remember to make the blessing choice and turn your burdens into blessings!

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