The Perseverance of Purpose

Perseverance comes from your purpose.

Sometimes in life, you feel like giving up on your goals. I know I sure do. The passion you once felt seems to have eroded amongst the challenges and difficulties that come your way. Passion tends to wax and wane. So what do we have to guide us during challenging times?

We have our purpose. Our purpose is our rudder as our passion comes and goes. Having a clearly written and defined purpose statement will keep you on track, keep you moving forward, and helps you stay focused and persevere through your most significant challenges.

This is why I work on a purpose statement with every single one of my coaching clients. It is invaluable to living your best life. It can also give you additional clarity if you are going through a transition in your life. I have a few different resources and activities that can help you with a written purpose statement. CLICK HERE to let me know if you would like me to send some to you.

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And remember to make the blessing choice and turn your burdens into blessings!

Top 20 Coaching Questions

Top 20 Coaching Questions

This is the top 20 questions I work on with the people I coach. This is a great resource for those interested in learning more about coaching, or if you are interested in doing some introspective self-coaching and you would like to work through these questions on your own.