Is it Time to Move?

My family recently moved.

We have been living in a state of limbo the past months as we have been packing, moving all our items into the moving truck (my back still hurts), and now we are unpacking and getting settled into our new home. Don’t get me wrong, we are very excited and very blessed with a wonderful new home! The moving process has also brought us continued time of reflection and perception changes as we get used to a new reality and a new routine.

Time of reflection is always great coaching time for me. It brings about new questions to stay in, new perspectives, and a fresh look at the way I have been doing things. The thing that has kept coming up for me in this moving process is sometimes to get where you want to be, you have to move from where you are.

The process of moving is not always a fun one. It seems to take over your life. It is tiring physically, mentally, and emotionally. It stretches your resources, patience, and at times your pride to the max. It challenges you to grow, to change, to adapt, and to move forward.

And so it is with life. Starting and growing anything new is a real challenge. It will most likely require more of us than we know we have to give at times. The same maxim rings true for overcoming our challenges as it does in moving. Sometimes to get where we want to be, we have to move from where we are. Sometimes when the moving gets tough all we can do is to keep moving. Sometimes when we get things settled something happens that requires us to move all over again.

So keep moving my friends!

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