Why I Am So Grateful to Healthcare Professionals

My daughter would not be alive today without her dedicated team of healthcare providers.

I still remember the day we learned that my oldest daughter Mikayla had a congenital brain malformation called Dandy Walker Syndrome at her 20-week ultrasound. From that moment on, we placed our faith and trust in a team of doctors, nurses, and medical professionals to give our daughter her best chance at a healthy life. We still do.

I don’t believe healthcare professionals hear that enough these days. That we are grateful. In an industry marked by some serious challenges that include the difficult balance of providing quality healthcare in a demanding market, the reality that these professionals are positively impacting people on a daily basis gets lost in the shuffle. My daughter’s life is made better every day from the care she has received and the ongoing care she receives. Her life is remarkably better and thus our family’s life is remarkably better.

The sole reason I wish to serve healthcare professionals is one of gratitude. I wish to give back to the professionals who have had such a profound impact on my family’s life. This is not hyperbole or aggrandizement. It also comes I have seen grow as I continue to see Burnout Syndrome rates rise in the healthcare industry. Perhaps hearing gratitude from one happy family can cut through the noise at least for today and help our healthcare providers understand that what they do day in and day out matters. Realizing that what you do matters and is important to the betterment of society. Perhaps that is one positive step in the right direction to helping our healthcare professionals with burnout.