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My personal mission is to create and foster deep relationships, to inspire and influence, and to leave a legacy of positive impact and added value to every person I meet.

My coaching journey began when I started writing a blog in 2013 about my journey with our oldest daughter Mikayla. She was born with a rare congenital brain malformation called Dandy Walker Syndrome and has significant special needs. Mikayla was my first coach, and her life continues to teach me important lessons. People resonated with my blogs and perspective, and they began asking me to coach them to have similar perspective for their own life. I discovered my life’s purpose in coaching and I began reading, studying, and attending the Professional Christian Coaching Institute to learn more about the craft and business of coaching, and to work to become certified with the International Coaching Federation (ICF). This is a lifetime pursuit for me.

My wife Heather works at Dave Ramsey’s company as a Project Manager in Live Events. We live in Nashville, Tennessee with our 4 children (Mikayla, Ainsley & Hailey (twin girls), and Caroline) and 2 female dogs (Miley & Sage). Yes, I am surrounded by women!

I am here to serve you and would be honored to work with you.

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Chestnut Tree Logo Symbolism

The Chestnut Tree is an important symbol in my life. My grandfather Kenneth William Honeycutt, Sr. planted a chestnut tree on his property in Burnsville, North Carolina, for both my sister and me when we were born. As we grew up, so did the chestnut trees. This piece of art was a wedding present given to me by my mother during our wedding reception. It is an art rendition of a poem I wrote in sixth grade about the chestnut tree. The artist who composed this piece was my former neighbor in high school, Amy O’Brien, and I used to babysit her four boys often. This piece hangs in my living room and I see it every day I sit down to breakfast and during my quiet times. The chestnut tree symbolizes success in hard times, and this is a perfect symbol for my business and life as I partner with people to overcome their greatest challenges. Here are the words to the poem I wrote in sixth grade entitled The Chestnut Tree:

Chestnut Tree Photo - Graham Honeycutt

I play in my Grandad’s Lawn
On the long stretch of land
There are mountains as high as you can see
Tonight there will be chestnuts to roast over the crackling fire
The day I was born, Grandad planted my own Chestnut Tree
Right now I see the leaves falling In all different colors
I climb up my Chestnut Tree
I look at the mountains as high as they are
I can imagine being up on the top
I look at Claire’s tree I think about how tall it is compared to mine
I know someday it will be as tall as hers
This Chestnut Tree is a symbol of my Grandad’s love for me

Some Interesting Facts About Graham

  • I am an inactive PGA Golf Professional and have played 14 of the top 100 golf courses in the world on my way to all 100. My lowest round was a 68 on July 16, 2011 at Greystone Golf Course in Dickson, TN.

  • I sit on the Parish Council of my church, St. Matthew Catholic Church and School.

  • I am fluent in Spanish and proficient in Mandarin Chinese. I studied abroad in Spain twice, Chile, and China for a year. I love to travel and have visited Spain, Chile, Peru, Argentina, China, Guatemala, South Africa, Zambia, Greece, Scotland, England, Ireland, Italy, India, Canada, France, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.

  • I won the 2013 Tennessee PGA President’s Award for dedicated and selfless service to the community and the Tennessee Section of the PGA.

  • I helped found the Speaking Center at my college to help others improve their public speaking skills, and prepare for job interviews.

  • I play the guitar and write songs. I even cut a CD with my band "Indiscretions" in school at Davidson College. The name of the CD was "Inner Thoughts." Most of the songs were very introspective rock songs, as I was heavily inspired by Nirvana in my youth. However, the fan favorite was a R&B song called "Fire Girl" I wrote for my wife Heather.

  • I love watching NFL Football, and my favorite team is the Indianapolis Colts. I am also an avid fantasy football player, and once had a Fantasy Football Blog called Illegal Blog in the Back. I had one viral YouTube video when I rewrote the Gotye song “Someone That I Used To Know” when Peyton Manning left the Colts.

  • I once got a photo with Darius Rucker of Hootie and The Blowfish at the 1995 MLB World Series when he sang the National Anthem, but my dad thought he was a security guard.

  • I can beatbox and make really loud clicking noises with my mouth, that my daughters think is funny.

  • I am distantly related to Christie Brinkley and John McEnroe.

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