The Mindful Choice: The Psychology of Change Book

The Mindful Choice

This book is for those of you who want to make a big transition or change in your life. It explores the different mindset shifts necessary to implement sustained and lasting change into your life. If you are ready to really dig in and examine your mindsets then this is a great resource for you!


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Disciplined Pursuit of Your Vocational Calling Digital Workbook

Disciplined Pursuit of Your Vocational Calling Digital Workbook

My digital workbook helps you discover, define, and dedicate your life to your vocational calling. It is packed full of great content, individual tools, resources and exercises to help you along the way. Your calling awaits. Are you ready for the call?


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Blessing Choice Transformation Framework

Learn How To Transform Your Burdens into Blessings

Learn how to overcome your greatest challenges and transform your burdens into blessings with this framework.

The Blessing Choice

Transform Your Burdens Into Blessings

Find out how to turn your burdens into blessings. This is my journey of having a daughter with special needs, and continually striving to view her life as a blessing rather than a burden. You can do the same.

Top 20 Coaching Questions

Top 20 Coaching Questions

This is the top 20 questions I work on with the people I coach. This is a great resource for those interested in learning more about coaching, or if you are interested in doing some introspective self-coaching and you would like to work through these questions on your own.

10 Tips To Start Your Own Business or Side Hustle

My Top 10 Tips

These are the top 10 things I learned in starting my business and have proved very helpful for my coaching clients in starting their own business or side hustle.

Free Guide: Find Your Vocational Calling

Free Guide

Find Your Vocational Calling

Your vocational calling is at the intersection of your passion, purpose and prosperity. Download my free guide to learn more about how to find your vocational calling.

Free Checklist: 6 Strategies to Discover Your Vocational Calling

Free Checklist

6 Strategies to Discover Your Vocational Calling

Start working toward your vocational calling today by downloading my free resource.  This checklist will not only help you begin to discover what your vocational calling is, but it will also give you some practical steps to begin dedicating your life to what you were meant to do.

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