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Graham is the perfect choice for your next speaking engagement. He helps organizations and the people working in them overcome their greatest challenges by being joyfully resilient. He engages the audience by helping them understand their choices and behavior. He connects with them by seeking to be an agent of change in their life. He inspires through powerful stories and content rather than powerpoints full of bullet points.

He is easy to work with. Having worked as an event planner for 5 years, he understands the work involved in selecting the right speakers for an event. He is very responsive to client needs and requests, as he is aware of all the details that go into planning a high-quality event.

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Most Requested Topics and Seminars

Graham has delivered talks for conferences, church groups, and for corporate events. His most requested talk is his Blessing Choice Keynote but he also has a couple other requested talks below.

The Blessing Choice Keynote

Blessings have typically been viewed as things that are given or bestowed. Graham believes that we can all make the blessing choice to transform our burdens into blessings. When he had a daughter born with special needs, he made the choice to view his daughter as a blessing and he shares how this changed everything for him.

In this talk you will learn:

  • What the blessing choice is and how it can change your organization and its people
  • The mindset required to change your perceptions and beliefs
  • How to overcome your greatest challenges by being joyfully resilient
  • The importance of changing your habits for lasting change

Your Needs Are Special Too

Graham has a heart for helping people in organizations that provide special care because of his experience with his daughter with special needs. He knows and understands the challenges that go into managing care every day. He wants them to know how important they are and remind them that taking care of themselves is important too.

In this talk you will learn:

  • Why the care you provide matters
  • The importance of self-care when working in fields that manage care
  • How to maintain proper boundaries
  • The key to joyful resilience in the face of challenges

Keeping the Catholic Faith in Crisis

Graham is a passionate apologist for the Catholic faith. He shares the story of how his faith was tested when he found out he would have a daughter with special needs. For him, saying yes to her life was a yes to God.

In this talk you will learn:

  • How times of crisis can actually deepen our faith
  • What the purpose of suffering is
  • The beauty and depth of Catholic teaching and tradition
  • Why what you believe matters

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