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Graham is the perfect choice for your next speaking engagement. Having worked as an event planner for 5 years, he understands the work involved in selecting the right speakers for an event. He is very responsive to client needs and requests, as he is aware of all the details that go into planning a high quality event.

Graham’s goal as a speaker is to engage the audience by helping them understand their choices and behavior. He seeks to be an agent of change in people’s life. He is an engaging motivational speaker, and started public speaking over 10 years ago when he helped found the Speaking Center at his college.

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Video Sample of Blessing Choice Keynote Talk

Most Requested Topics and Seminars

Graham’s most frequently-requested topic is his Blessing Choice keynote but has the ability and expertise to present on other related topics as they are pertinent to your company or group’s needs.

He has delivered talks for private engagements, church groups, and for corporate companies and events. Please see a description of his keynote talk below.

The Blessing Choice Keynote

Blessings have typically been viewed as things that are given or bestowed by God or others. Graham believes that we can all make the blessing choice to view burdens as blessings in our life. When he had a daughter born with special needs, he had the opportunity to either view it as a burden or a blessing. He shares how changing his perception to view his daughter as a blessing changed everything for him.

In this talk you will learn:

  • What the blessing choice is and how it can change your life
  • The mindset required to overcome obstacles and perceived burdens in your life
  • How to change your perception to reach more of your potential
  • The importance of persistence and how to get more of it

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  • “Thank you for the presentation! As a trainer/facilitator for over 30 years, I connected so easily with your message and truly appreciated the depth of thought you provided. Your Blessing Choice gave me a perspective I have needed for personal growth.”

    Cindy Zwickel
    Catholic Business Women's League

  • “Graham did an excellent job not only presenting, but facilitating brainstorming and conversation around who we are and who we want to become as on organization. It was a celebration as well as a time for dreaming, and it helped to connect us as an entire agency. I’ve heard nothing but positive feedback since the workshop.”

    Kelli Jo Hazen
    Director of Operations for First Steps Child Development Center

  • “Graham did an incredible job speaking to my swim team of children and adults with special needs. He inspired and listened to them. My team responded so well to Graham, and they left feeling ready to work together as a team!”

    Megan Kelly
    Executive Director of the Nashville Dolphins Swim Team

  • “Everyone really enjoyed Graham’s presentation. It was so motivational and inspiring, and getting a first person perspective and success story along with it made the session that much more meaningful.”

    Amanda Hardin
    Human Resources Manager for Martin & Zerfoss